Time-Windows has dozens of pre-designed reports that provide both hours and gross earnings information in detail or in summary. Reports can be printed, displayed, e-mailed or exported. Years of time cards can be kept indefinitely for instant history reports.

No software or network is required at the PC where the employee clocks-in – only access to the Internet.
You can collect the punches any time, day or night, and you can collect the punches as many times a day as you like.
Your employee punches are moved to the payroll department using the fastest technology available.
All clock-in and out times are synchronized to the Denver Atomic Clock for complete accuracy. Automatically adjusts for time zones, daylight savings and leap year.
Redundant processing on both the East and West coasts and a rolling 45-day backup of all punches makes this the most reliable service possible
10 Employees $134.00 per year!
25 Employees $205.00 per year!
50 Employees $324.00 per year!
75 Employees $432.00 per year!
100 Employees $486.00 per year!
Time-Windows is a Microsoft Certified Internet time clock that lets an unlimited number of employees clock-in and out using secured access to your company’s private Internet account. You simply collect your employee punches using your Time-Windows’ Manager software. When the punches are collected, Time-Windows will immediately:

Round the punch time to the interval 1, 6, 10 or 15 minute, based on each employee’s rounding policies.
Compute the regular, overtime & double-time hours based on each employee’s overtime and double-time policies, on a weekly and daily basis.
Deduct time for breaks and meals, based on each employee’s breaking policies.
Calculate the employees regular, overtime and double-time gross earnings on a weekly and daily basis.
Track employees from department to department for accurate charge-to tracking.
Collect tips information.
Track employee’s attendance based on each employee’s schedule.
Using secured access, employee time cards can be viewed and adjusted as needed.
Time-Windows will also:
Track each employee’s sick, vacation, training, bereavement and miscellaneous hours.
Track each employee’s bonuses and commissions.
Apply an alternate pay rate for a specific work period.
Print, display, e-Mail or export dozens of beautiful pre-designed reports.
Export your employee hours information to your payroll software, or outside payroll provider.