Here are 3 low-cost time clock solutions and one FREE solution.  One is perfect for your company.
1] Time-Windowstm     Internet Time Clock 
Enable your employees to clock in and out on the Internet!  Time-Windows is the perfect solution for companies with multiple locations, or with employees who work offsite.
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2] PcClocktm         Networked PC Time Clock
Let your employees clock-in and out from any networked PC within the company.
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3] TimeCard Calcm     Take Control of Time Cards  
Keep your reliable mechanical time clock and use TimeCard Calc to tally the time cards.

With each Metron time clock solution, punches are rounded, hours are totaled, breaks are deducted, overtime is calculated – all based on each employees’ individual policies.

Each time clock solution handles the complexities of semi-monthly or monthly payroll reporting with ease.

All include dozens of reports that provide both hours and gross earnings information in detail or in summary. Reports can be printed, displayed, e-mailed or exported.
Years of time cards can be kept indefinitely for instant history reporting.

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